Knowledge will give you information.
This is your tool and your capital will ensure you, your job, your company, your industry and your new profession for life.
You will be healthy, prosperous and happy, so will be yours and your family.
Your life will pass without fear or anxiety.
No need money, not banks.
You will have your own currency as economically.
This foundation has been incurred and the "Knowledge Economy"
"Bitcoin" is called

Is the Economy of transition between the current decadent and erratic course of the civilization and the " new man " who already cannot detain before the beginning of " the golden age " of our planet.
" Are more the solutions than  problems "
 " Love and the Thought "

Here we have, the final formula to our sorrows and needs, these are the most powerful energies of the universe.

To canalize them in harmony with the God's intention or the creation or since wants that you are called it, it will give answers, sure way and happiness in our time of permanency here in the land.
 We are "Spirit " that's God's part and the Universe in a perishable packing and not a body and a soul that both die on having ended our time here.

Across the education and the knowledge, to develop today the economic activity of the individual, his environment, the company and community, putting them to his service, the sciences, the technologies and the art, senseless of induction to intentions of being able, or economic, taking them to the accomplishment of happiness in the personal and collective thing.

To end with the " Relation of Dependence ", today transformed in " Dependence for the Relation ", and to end up as her " Associative Potential ", turning " The Labor force " into " Added Knowledge ".

The utilization of the " Applied Thought " in the learning of crafts, technologies, languages, forms and individual and collective actions " ' etc...  It is undoubtedly a structural change of bottom in the educational current, qualitative and quantitatively void education in " All the educational systems worldwide in harmonization of the thought, the soul and body.

The result of the social behavior of the current Civilization it reaffirms and does not gives course to reverting the diagnosis, for mas semantics and historical, or psychological argumentation that could be used in defense of the same ones.

If this finishes? What would replaces it?. "LOVE AND THOUGHT"

The major creative and driving force that there possesses the man of inexhaustible and immeasurable form.  " WE ARE WHAT WE THINK "


It is possible at a few hours of training and practises "To "unlearn" the mental auto-programming of the individual and to prepare her for his positive and Universal use?.
!!!! Yes!!!!.

The cultural, ethnic, traditional, emotive, religious or agnostic, new or ancient thing, etc … IT DOES NOT HAVE ANYTHING TO SEE WITH THIS KNOWLEDGE.

It's just of giving the first step and teaching him " The Technology " for his use in harmony with the Universal intention.

By himself, men, using his instinct of preservation, his common sense yFUNDAMENTALMENTE: HIS INTUITION, he will find the special, only and absolute adjustment of his individualism to the social current reality, being able to apply it to the " Collective Thought " across the development of the love to if same and to the neighbor, in harmony to the Divine intention.


 It is the response for that we look across our lives.

I think, therefore I exist. To that I came here?.
 What’s the sense of  accumulate knowledge, wealth and power, glory and success, sadness and pain, hunger and disease, loneliness and hatred, war and tears for in a second, disappear?

Leave works, thoughts, knowledge, which are not in harmony with the Universal intention. Did it improve the Civilization in his set? Did it solve the hunger and the poverty?, the wars and conflicts?.
Is our world today a paradise of love and conviviality?, do kingdoms vegetable and animal enjoy privilege and protection?


The seas and rivers, are they clean and beautiful as in his creation?. There is order and justice for all?

Men work, help, mitigates, relieves, guides at first, proposes and resolves today, but they are, or they were a final and definitive solution? You know the answer.


We do not even have the revealed truth, not illuminated, not extraterrestrial, only we are thousands of men and women that across the thought - we are joined to help and to collaborate in giving a light of hope to the pain and the loneliness of million brothers in the World.

That’s our Intention.
The Universal force is just directed in one and specific point.


Love and Thought are both forces bigger than all other created ones for the man. Our intention of canalizing them towards the happiness, TODAY AND HERE; it is across what we know today, for " Science and Technology " in all his applications and forms, the simplest, rapid and effective to realize it, this our only intention and intention. Always in harmony with the GOD'S intentions. Happiness for the man, here in our World.
This is just the beginning, polemics, debates, accusations, they were ensuing from this intention. With love, only we try to serve, helping and cooperating with all, public inspectors to the God's intention, without waiting anything in exchange.