They are happening all over the planet, facts, and terrible events of such magnitude that we can not remain aloof and indifferent to them, that are affecting and changing all the structures established as patterns of life, individual, community, and global.

Negative changes are accelerating, as all crises converge towards what we would call "The Perfect Storm" One World Government, and powerful, is exposed as the only hope for human civilization struggles, economic, geopolitical environmental, and survivors are getting older day.

We are fully convinced that there are other alternatives, but all the possible variants, directly touch the interests of the few who have
all the economic, military and political power of the world.
Not everyone fully identified, because, from the shadows, and covert, which actually handle the uncertain destiny of human beings and the planet itself, have plans that go against survival, peaceful and secure life, we crave all .

This is now, and will increase. Telluric and volcanic activities, astronomical oddities, contacts and experiences with civilizations of the universe, weather, sudden and destructive changes that will increase remarkably, the wildlife will remain devastated, the sea will cause calamities and destructions, economic, military, social and political crisis, religious, environmental, meteorological and popular upheavals are increased throughout the land.

Neither apocalyptic nor alarmist trends, and facts, so clearly indicate, the ordinary people, the common man and woman, are waking up and they can no longer blocking the sun with a finger, or lie more ....

The possibility of a third world war, and the possible use of weapons of mass destruction, is dormant.

Something good and wonderful is happening. Parallel to the reality we see in this hologram THIRD DIMENSION WHERE WE HANDLED THROUGH THE FEAR AND MENTAL ..SOLAMENTE total employment engrossed in resolving our personal problems, subsistence COMPETING FOR SUCCESS AND SOCIAL STATUS, adding, The strengthening of the ego and narcissism, DIVISIONS .. ORDEN..LA violence of any breakdown of the family and bigotry ..ODIO REPLACING THE LOVE AND SOLIDARITY perverse and intelligent use of MEDIA
Communication and diffusion, EXPERTS misinformation, and creating consumerist NEEDS, and irrelevant, is your best weapon. BUT .. something good and wonderful is happening.

The largest since the creation of the universe astronomical fact, is happening now .. never .. a planet and all its inhabitants, have been made before a
dimencional ascension as we are experiencing now.

Ascending Third Dimension, to Fourth and Fifth Dimension.
Our DNA is suffering, wonderful and powerful mutation,

We can say that millions of brothers, and the Earth itself, we are mutating, soft, but irreversibly, toward New Heaven and a New Earth.
The former things are coming to an end, and all are beginning to be made new
Peace, love, harmony, health, prosperity is in our little corazones..poco are filling our soul and spirit, with the majesty of the Creator God and the universe.

The fear is gone.

We have awakened, know the truth, and this, this freeing us, we just need to finish harmonize our thoughts and our minds, to help awaken anyone who heard his voice INTERIOR..ahí are all the answers and teachings.

We learned that death (as we know all), NO, this has freed us from fear, vibrational uplifting our spirits in pursuit of brotherhood with the universe and God ...

Many questions can arise from these afirmaciones..pero ALL THE ANSWERS ARE IN IT ...
Mutes your thoughts .. and listen to your inner ....

We are now in the task of helping everyone in their wake ..
Each, in its rhythm and desire.

WOMEN ..ese majestic gift of God and the universe .. is who is now the beautiful task of being the maker of the way forward ...

We are working on this website to convey to cooperate in all these "good news" .. to be shared by all the inhabited earth.
Our Ascended Masters and our Elder Brothers of the Universe ..están bringing revelations and knowledge.

Soon ... very soon .. come to light, things and secrets kept from the beginning of time ...

Fear not ... but cautious ...
Search Wisdom .. and ... Inner Light.
That love and peace, reign in your life and in your soul.