In process of development, our " Institute Nicolas Tesla " (In formation) it possesses advanced and already proven works.
In the area of technology of help for the hunger in the world, it is possible, the recycling million of tons of food that are rejected daily in Supermarkets, Hotels, Acopiadores, etc ... transforming them into dehydrated food. SYSTEMS AND ALREADY PROVEN PROCESSES AND IN OPERABILITY - mike and Macro you plant.

Prefabricated super housings - economic from the recycling of the waste of the domiciliary plastic and other materials that today re-are not in use.
Between the 5 to 20 U$A of few monthly quotas for whom esten in possibility of paying these sums.

Putting in march of the first Banco Social of the Science and the Technology I Pay of information across the Internet network possessing the support and the cooperation of Universities of the whole World and of Organizations Official And Deprived to give primary instruction on alternative systems of energy and production of inputs and food.

To determine priorities and to use the use of alternative energies and to educate in the preservation of the environment, to contribute solutions in the task for the climate change to applying in the countries mas poor.

Biocombustibles from new and extraordinary oleaginous already proven and developed that in addition produce million new working places in zones with major occupational problematics.

To revert the desertification with proven and like that methods to have million hectares of fertile and recultivable land.

Potabilización of waters across the solar power.

Use of the hydrogen like combustible substitute obtained by new systems and technologies.

Use of the water of sea like fuel for ships and ships of any freightage.


These and other elements, technical and new sciences estan there from always.

The Atomic power was there since the man this one on this Earth ... only when it was prepared mentally and technically it could use this force.

Lamentably, the man has used this one and other inexhaustible sources of energies also for the war ... this has limited nuetras possibilities of the rational use and I appease of the same ones.

This aspect, this one out of our offer for the peace, stays on the responsibility of whom they have the power to give a destination different from the original one, opposite to God and the Humanity he informs.

This one is a widespread panorama of the total project, that this based on the works of Institute Nicolas Tesla.