Until now, there is no National, Regional Wolrld wide Organization, planning combined actions to avoid the dispersion of efforts, funds and policies of tasks to short and medium term for thousands NGO in the World. Our offers are not even evaluated, considered, or rejected for inoperative or unviable.

The experiences, ideas or offers of the affected ones lack value, the discrimination demonstrates to the low intellectual, technical or scientific condition of the same ones and of his authors, you discredit them in advance for from the classes mas low of the company.

The current human civilization, from the standpoint socioeconomic, dismisses as irrelevant, the creative flair, innovative or detached disinterest if the political or financial gain.

To realize something for love to the neighbor without waiting for anything in exchange, it sounds Utopian, romantically and impossibly.


We could spread hours in evidential analyses or information of governmental or private organizations, on these affirmations. Any information certainly or royal that is contributed is, and would be demolished - one to One - to protect the interests that can affect any innovation that is wanted to realize in this area.

We have clearly and assumed that - THE POVERTY AND THE HUNGER NEVER COULD BE ERADICATED OF THE ASPECT OF THE LAND FOR THE SOCIAL STRUCTURES OF OUR CIVIZACION. The only force capable of realizing this miracle is the love... to your neighbor, to yourself and to God (Or since it call, or to the religion to which you belong) and if you are agnostic, to the Universe and to the Creation itself.

We do not border, fight or look for nothing in exchange. Only it moves the love and the solidarity us, the empathy and the pity for whom they suffer and die without reason every day.

Our major challenges and impediments?

To create a conscience of love to the neighbor ... without asking for anything extraordinary, using with love and intelligence all that that the the so called " first world ". Strip or pretence, serious mas that sufficient, to relieve million beings of the hunger.
With what it spends in advertising, in one day, any multinational company, would reach to start the " Institute Nicolas Tesla " where they sleep the dream of the innumerable just persons developments of new and innovative technologies and systems, putting, the Technology, the Science and the Art to the service of the man and his social development.

Maybe... not very distant day, the poor of the World we will be able to have voice and vote before the jurisdictions and National, Regional and International organisms. We just want to add up … to reach ... to say that and since we think ... to contribute our experience and to expose our offers … with love and humility.


It is an immediate way to join. It has illuminated not even Messianic leaders ONLY WE, JOINED AND WITH, LOVE HAVING CLEAR AND TRANSPARENT, united AIMS we can create the major social force of the World.
I expect from each of you for the conviction of believing in You themselves, in our dreams and hopes, of which it is possible to make real have TODAY, the beginning of a better World and mas justly for those that less we have.

With love and respect.